The importance of negative emissions

In order to mitigate climate change, negative emissions at massive scale have to be established.

Six options for negative emissions

Six options for the creation of carbon sinks currently considered promising

Synergies between different NETs

It is all about synergies, not about competition. In order to prevent the worst adverse effects of climate change,
all possible solutions are well needed.

Three nature-based, "no-regret" options for carbon sinks

These options are (i)readily available, (ii)cost-effective today and (iii)provide for co-benefits

Carbon Forestry

Increasing the amount of carbon stored in forests and preference for material use of biomass


Pyrogenic Carbon Capture and Storage (PyCCS), particularly the use of biochar for animal husbandry, soil improvement and in construction

Soil Carbon

Increasing the amount of Soil Organic Matter (SOM) by adapted land management practice